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TCA's Architecture team is a core group of experienced and talented staff whose collective expertise and commitment to projects ensures a consistently high level of strong and innovative Architecture for both landmark buildings and for a range of land use components within a given Site. Internationally trained and experienced to work closely with clients in-house professionals, to accommodate their visions and aspirations, TCA is able to set out guidelines and designs for all building typologies and construction budgets, covering for instance residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Our Architects have experience worldwide and are attuned to ensuring that the best elements of modern, international design concepts are adopted, whilst applying a holistic design approach that accommodates important issues such as local architectural styles and paradigms, cultural preferences and the unique Sense of Place, climatic preconditions and the social context, sustainability and ecology. Especially in Indonesia and India, TCA has extensive experience in working with local architectural firms at the subsequent detail design stages in a Project Management Advisory, and/or Capacity Building role, where required, to further maintain the integrity of the Architectural Designs and ensure that the high standards are maintained throughout.